Unique Selling Points (Features)

We produce sweaters, jersey knit items, fleece garments, woven items, denim, workwear, bodywarmer, jackets, shirts, and pant etc. We can work with any of the items based on buyer’s requirements.

Lead Time

We are working for 60-90 days for our different buyers but we can perform extraordinary in 45 days in some cases and 30 days for re-orders successfully with best quality.


We are very competitive in price as we have lot of options of factories with us.

Time & Action Plan

Our professional expatriate production and merchandising teams with their vast practical experience in manufacturing & merchandising combine forces to bring customers a professional, well managed, proactive time & action calendar for every order & style.

This enables them to analyze and foresee potential problems and plan the necessary solutions in doing so, all issues are controlled and resolved before they become unmanageable. The customer remains well informed about the status of each & every order without having to ask.

Fabric/yarn Sourcing & Facilities

We are very strong at sourcing the yarns & fabrics fm pakistan, india, taiwan and china. For poly and synthetics we have very good sources out of china, hong kong, taiwan and korea and we can do it successfully. And we always prefer to use local yarns to reduce the lead time and material cost.

But in case of need, in aspect of quality or unavailability from the local sources, the yarns and fabrics from other countries are imported.

Quality Assurance

Other than buyers manuals, we have our own quality assurance system that makes sure the buyers’ demands more significantly. From the beginning to end of our productions, our q.A -team is there in the factory ‘s production floor with eagle’s eye.


We always emphasis on sampling as because this business is based on good sampling. We have well trained up and experienced people who are engaged only for the sampling. We take care of especially for all the seasonal sampling with the top most priority.

Lab Testing

We are also very concerned about lab test requirements and we do lab testing as per buyer requirement through independent laboratory to maintain the quality measures.

Trims Sourcing

We have expert team for sourcing and buying different types of trim and accessories from local sources and abroad.

Our Capacity & Turnover

$15000000 Annual Turnover
4000000 Pieces T-shirt & Basic Garments
1000000 Pieces Polo Shirt Fleece, Critical Garments
1000000 Pieces Denim, Bodywarmer, Jacket
2000000 Pieces Sweater

Our Management

Our organization is running by highly qualified, experienced and professional management

Mr. Anthony Rozario

Managing Director

+88017 2022 1190
Mr. Rezaul Karim (Reza)


+88019 7687 8797
Mr. Nasir Uddin


+88017 1259 5515

Major Clients/Buyers

Here are a few famous clients we have worked with so far…